In the classic tradition of highly sporadic posting, I’m back. A year has gone by since I last wrote. I’ve travelled to see my family. I’ve moved to a place I love but needs plenty of work. I’ve suffered atrocious allergies and finally sought medical attention. Our trusty old Ford Fiesta was totaled. And I lived for six weeks with no phone, Internet, or fridge. After a good therapeutic summer of relaxing, I’m starting to get back into the swing of things. So without further ado, a quick photo essay of summer:

   Crudités sliced with a mandolin and Parmesan on butter pastry, or pâte brisée.

Homemade shortbread, black cherries, crème fraîche, cane sugar.

  Emmett making new friends at our new home.

  A bee emerges from the whimsical two-day cactus flower that magically sprouts once or twice a year.

  The first strawberries of our late planted garden with licorice anise ice cream.

  Ottolenghi’s fennel, cherry tomato, and crumble gratin is sheer awesomeness.

 Bastien presents our very first tomato.

   Stuffed squash is so summer.

  Eating tomatoes and basil from our garden, with fresh mozzarella and saucisson… our kind of fast food.

  Hazelnut and almond (praliné) ice cream from La Martinière cookbook. So creamy.

  Itty bitty watermelon.

  Four brioches proofing on the windowsill.

  Eating the brioche with homemade dark chocolate hazelnut spread.

  Our first raspberries trying to resist being eaten by stink bugs and grasshoppers.

  Our first onions, some small, some smaller.

  A baby cucumber waiting to be pollinated.

 A brave wasp gards her nest after we accidentally uncovered it. She stayed there all day, eyeing me every time I walked by and fluttering her wings to try to keep the remaing larva compartments cool. My heart went out to her.

   Squash blossoms from the garden.

  Ricotta stuffed and fried squash blossoms dipped in tomato sauce from Epicurious. So…good.

  First bounty of wild blackberry picking.

  The scent is delicious.

  Homemade hamburger on homemade bun… This was awesome and I will do them again and tell the story, but I’m still tweaking the bun. It was just a bit over-baked.

  Homemade pizza baked on pizza stone in the oven. Tomato, basil, and bell peppers from garden. (Why do I keep saying “homemade”? Almost everything in my house is made from scratch! Ha!)

  We grilled some corn on the cob! That’s exotic food here in France, not easy to come by.

  Wild figs with almond ice cream.

  Emmett contemplates his existence.

 Wild blackberry Kir. Actually, I tried to make blackberry jam. Failed. Ended up with blackberry syrup. Mix it with some crappy cheap white wine and a few ice cubes and discovered that two negatives can indeed make a positive. Isn’t math fun?!

   Wild fig tart with wild fig sorbet.

  Blueberry ice cream, wild fig sorbet, and Goulibeur cookie. (Ah, the Goulibeur is not homemade!)

  Moelleux au chocolat with wild blackberry sorbet.

  Chickpea flour veggie burger with heirloom tomato from garden and homemade poppy seed bun.

  Super garden veggie lasagna.

 Our garden stew. White beans, Swiss chard, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, topped with pesto. I love this.

   Williams Sonoma blackberry sorbet and crème fraîche ice cream. I churned lots of ice cream and sorbet this summer. No regrets.

  Caramelizing peaches in cast iron skillet for peach upside down cake from the Loveless Cafe cookbook.


 The finished peach upside down cake.

 Rhubarb, tarragon, and white chocolate verrine, based on an Anne-Sophie Pic recipe.

  Zucchini “muffins” from Kelsey Banfield on food52, a site that I love. I cooked them on a cookie sheet instead of in muffin tins. More crunch! This is a addictive way to eat zucchini!



  1. Zach

    Everything looks wonderful!

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  3. Hi Monica! I just nominated you for a Liebster award, here’s my post about it: https://beeindc.wordpress.com/2015/10/23/liebester-award/

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