Last year Bastien and I took a day trip to eat in a restaurant and walk around Narbonne, not far from here. We had a lovely day, went shopping and enjoyed a very pretty meal.

Forgive me for the lack of detail. I don’t remember what everything was, hence, eye candy!


The Via Domitia passes through the little city, and in the center of a square a part of it is visible. I am always amazed with the way we build: up and up and up.


One of the appetizers… if only I could remember what everything was! This had a super creamy to crunchy texture, but I remember it being lukewarm. I think it was meant to be served that way, but it’s strange to eat something lukewarm.


Scallops in two different ways for me.


The presentation of lunch.


Fish and flowers for Bastien.


This was venison I think, with radish and truffles on the side. Doesn’t it look like chocolate cake!?


I don’t remember what Bastien had, but look at that little burger, and the mashed potatoes with truffles and chips! Ha!


Pre-dessert was an apple sorbet with a gelato and apple liqueur.


And dessert dessert… chocolate!


Ouff… don’t you just want to crush that with your spoon and hear the ckrcckk!?



  1. Fascinating! I’m not a huge foodie so don’t often splurge on restaurants that have foam reductions and truffle pates and whatnot. So this was fun eye candy for me indeed!

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my photos. It can be a fun sensory experience to eat such different food. If you’re ever tempted to try a restaurant like that, check out lunch menus. Often they are less expensive and still give you a taste of what it’s all about. That’s what I usually do!

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