Fancy name for a very simple-to-prepare salad.

I’m late late late!

This is a dish that I made in July! I used summer beets, zucchini, cucumber, fresh parsley from a nearby garden…

I have not taken the time to cook much or document anything recently because we are up to our necks in renovation and can hardly think of anything else, so I’ve decided to share a few of the dishes that sit idle in lost folders on my ever-slower computing machine.

You can use almost anything you want in a tabbouleh and do a carpaccio with many different veggies.

Here is an idea for the tabbouleh:

Basic recipe:

  • couscous
  • lemon juice
  • olive oil
  • salt

And anything you want:

  • parsley
  • coriander
  • cumin seeds
  • any other herbs and spices that you like, such as mint or basil
  • zucchini
  • cucumber
  • olives
  • pepper

No cooking involved! Slice anything that you want to slice. In a large bowl, add everything except for the olive oil. Add as much cold water as you did couscous. Stir. Cover and leave on the counter for about 30 minutes… or until the couscous has absorbed the water. Add some olive oil and stir. Taste and add more spice if you want to. That’s all! Your salad can be more or less green, depending on the veggies that you add. Mine was not particularly green because I was just finishing off a few veggies that I had.

For the carpaccio, use a mandolin to very very thinly slice a beet or two. Or if you happen to be a Japanese knife aficionado, you will be in your element here. Dress a plate and add a few dashes of olive oil and sea salt or fleur de sel. Serve with tabbouleh and sparkling water! Easy peasy!



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