A little slug of Burgundy crosses the courtyard after heavy rains.

Hello there. It has been a while, and time has got away from me, but I wanted to share a few more images of our last stop before home.

We stopped for only a night at this lovely Bed & Breakfast in Dennevy, a small village near Beaune. It was calm, the hosts were kind, and the breakfast sported a variety of homemade preserves and yogurt. The owner gave me a German cookbook in English, so look forward to some delicious German fare to come!

Vines that give some of the most seductive wines have sprouted and are well into spring.

In a wine class many years ago with the Alliance Française of Atlanta, my teacher spoke dreamily of the Côte d’Or. I remember his eyes gazing off towards the wall, “Ah, la Côte d’Or…” Here I was, feet on the ground. The wines here can be far too expensive, so I’m not particularly familiar with them, but I’ve tasted a few that have swept me off my feet.

We stopped in the village of Meursault for a little walk.

Faces on buildings are some of my favorite things.

Finally to the city of Beaune, where we window-shopped for an hour and stocked up on deli meat and mustard: Edmund Fallot.We will have to go back one of these days as one day was not enough! For now, it’s back to cooking and renovating!


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  1. I love the image peering through the wine rack. You can frame up anything and make it wonderful.


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