Saucing your plate with a crusty slice of baguette is one of the very best things about French cuisine.

We continued our voyage stopping for lunch near the town of Saint-Valerie-en-Caux in Normandy. A few years ago during a little vacation we had enjoyed a dinner in a traditional little restaurant on the port. As sometimes happens, our second visit was disappointing, but the main dish was still quite delicious, a trio of fish in a cream sauce.

We ordered the same wine as before, but it too wasn’t quite as charming as it had been.

The best part about the restaurant was the fish monger selling fish just across the street.

The port of the town is quite daring at low tide… no walls to keep pedestrians, cyclists, or cars from a very steep drop!

Some fishermen had just returned from their workday when we left the restaurant.

The were throwing small crabs and any other unwanted creatures back into the water.

After a little walk around the port, we hopped back in the car and hit the road.



  1. Evelyne

    Oh ! Je travail juste à côté de st valérie en caux ! Dans le restaurant le bec au cauchois à Valmont. Il n’y a pas de port mais on vient d’être étoile et je pense qu’on travail bien. 🙂 si jamais tu repasse par là un de ces jours …

    • Ce n’est pas vrai!! J’aurais du venir chez toi!! Zut! La prochaine fois… je note le bec au cauchois… c’est très beau par là-bas. 🙂

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