Next stop: a visit with some friends in Brittany. The weather was perfect for a walk on the coast.

The old port, still in working order.

And flowers flowers everywhere!!

We take a different route back through fields and houses.

The next morning, we head out to buy some fish.

The fish monger kindly explains how to prepare the fish we have chosen.

This is the guy we chose: A St. Pierre (“John Dory” in English), to go with a bottle of Puligny-Montrachet.

The fish monger prepares the filets.

On the way back, we stop to throw out the recycling. I check out low tide on the other side of the street.

Little Emmett spends his time searching for good hiding places in the guest room where we are staying. He’s exhausted from all the travel, but he’s still a pretty good sport.



  1. Wow, was so good to see you in my comment section again! This post is heaven, such beautiful photos and all that yummy fresh fish. Love sleeping Emmet..soo cute under the blanket! Looking forward to more of your posts and adventures!

    • Thanks! I don’t spend much time online at the moment due to house renovating, but I was happy take a peak at your blog in between paster and paint the other day… still full of delicious looking recipes! And I see that there is a story of some sort… I haven’t read yet, but it looks interesting. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos, brava!!

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