Morning in Chinon… I snap a few photos while Bastien checks out the tourist office. We are only here for a day and we have an appointment at 2pm.

Ah, la France… This sight sparked a silly memory. When I had the official interview to receive a French visa, I was asked to tell them the country’s motto. Easy peasy: “Liberté, Fraternité… et… et…” I drew a complete blank, and the word wasn’t about to come to mind! After agonizing over my sort for a moment the officer laughed and kindly filled in the blank, “Egalité.”  “Oui! Bien sur!” I chirped, a bead of sweat rolling down my forehead. It’s like asking someone the colors of the American flag… if they say “red, white, and… and…” you can only handle so many seconds before screaming “BLUE!”

A quick walk around the Château of Montsoreau, not far from Chinon.

We follow a sign leading behind the château.

From here, we walk by the town hall.

Slate rooftops.

Beautifully chiseled stone walls construct the château and most houses and walls of the village.

Moss grows in abundance on the stones facing the river.

Knock, Knock, or Tok, Tok.

We follow a sign to another Chateau. There are some people in the courtyard, but they pay no attention to us, so we head through a sort of tunnel that beckons any passer-by to explore.

The end of the tunnel opens to courtyards. It’s a cave-château! Half natural cave and half artificially built.

We are even more surprised to discover ancient grape presses. This is where they made wine! I doesn’t seem to be in use today, but there are signs of renovation in power cords and new bricks scattered about.

A special thanks to little Emmett for being such a sport on our voyage and for the days that follow.



  1. camile hart

    I like the cave-chateau!

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