the Morteau Sausage on a bed of salsify

I live in a very old stone townhouse. The walls between my house and my neighbors’ are probably about 3 feet wide. Last night I was headed upstairs when I froze in mid-step, catching a scent that was intruding the stairwell. Like a hunting animal, I began to flare my nostrils to find the trace – an unmistakable smoked odor – “Saucisse de Morteau!” I exclaimed to my cat, who had also caught the scent. My neighbors must have been cooking. That’s the first time that the odor was so strong that it made it through the walls.

I remembered these photos of a meal Bastien prepared a few weeks ago. The dish was delicious.

Salsify may be rare, but it’s a great vegetable with a flavor that can’t be doubled. It’s best fresh, but if you can only find it in a jar or a can, you can still go for this recipe. It’s funny to prepare fresh, with an unexpected sticky sap that appears as soon as you peel.

Simple to prepare, here is the recipe from a most eloquent cookbook: an ode to the pig in all of its culinary forms, “Cochon et Fils.” The English title translates to “Pork and sons” but one could more accurately say “Pig and sons.” Think of southern BBQ, the “blue pig” etc… taken to a whole new level with all of the possibilities for puns regarding pigs in French.

recipe for saucisse de Morteau on a bed of salsify:

for 6 friends

2 Morteau sausages, or a good smoked sausage
6 thick cut slices of smoked bacon
1 kg fresh salsify
1 lemon
6 shallots
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp bouillon cube in 50 cl water (or your own home-made beef stock if you have any)
50 g salted butter
olive oil

Cook the sausages in boiling water for about 40 minutes.

Place the skinned shallots in a casserole dish drizzled with olive oil. Bake at 180°C/350°F for 20 minutes. They should be soft to the touch.

Peel the salsify, keeping the peeled salsify in lemon water to keep them from browning. Place in a large skillet covered with the lemon water and beef stock. Add the butter and sugar and cook at low heat until the salsify are cooked to your taste.

Grill the bacon.

Everything’s ready. Just dress the plates: bed of salsify, slices of sausage topped with bacon and the shallot. Don’t forget to pour some cooking juices over each plate. Easy peasy, hearty, and elegant.


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