Carbonifère 2007 of Domaine le Conte des Floris

Region and AOC : Languedoc, France. Coteaux du Languedoc

Grape Variéty and Soil Composition : Predominantly syrah growing on schists that date to the Carboniferous Period, but also about 20% of grape varieties grenache and carignan.

Color : Deep red with brillant ruby reflections.

Notes : Tannins have a presence, but are rounded by a delicate touch of French oak making this a dense and fragrant full-bodied red.  Very black ripe cherries come to mind. An hour after opening, the aromas seem to be opening up.  I detect a whisper of cloves in the finish that lingers for an agreable moment.

Food Pairing : Fairly imposing but elegant dishes, steaks with mushroom sauces, strong cheeses, other full-flavored meats.  We tasted it with a moussaka, a Greek casserole of eggplant, tomato, cheese, ground beef, pork, and veal and it was very nice.  One site recommends duck with wild berry sauce…mmm!

Service : Carafe or uncork one hour in advance. Serve at a temperature slightly cooler than room temperature. For example, refrigerate for 15 to 30 minutes before serving.


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  1. I am so envious…. pass me a glass (bottle?) please!

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