A buttery coconut shortcrust melts in your mouth as you crunch into a slice

Winter’s frost bit hard this year.  In the midst of moving to a new town and beginning a new year of school, one can only hope that things go smoothly… On the coldest day of the year the heat in my new house stopped working and we spent the week trying to stay warm. My lungs are still suffering from some sort of cold a month later.  Then our new modem arrived, but there was a problem and so we rest internet-less. And I will spare you the charming details of changing banks in France. Documents to send, cleaning, organizing, planning, studying.  The days go by before I can pose for a breath.

But when I cook…  I just cook.  And when I eat, I take my time.

Kiwi grows locally near Pézenas and some of them are very sweet.  We keep a red basket full at the moment.  During the moving frenzy I happened upon a large handful of shredded coconut in the bottom of a jar in the bottom of a box labelled “CUISINE.”  They say that the best coconut is freshly grated.  I don’t doubt this, but dried shredded coconut is handy to have around as well, and has never let me down after a short toast in the oven.

This tart has just the right mix of creamy, tart, and crunchy to satisfy my tastebuds.  A nice dessert to follow a big meal, or for an afternoon tea.

recipe for kiwi and coconut shortcrust tart

shortbread crust :

If you have a favorite shortcrust recipe:

just add a good handful or two of lightly toasted coconut and knead it into the dough.  Bake the crust until very well cooked and light brown in color.

If not:

Click here for a general recipe that works nicely, and add about a cup of toasted coconut to the flour before mixing with the butter mixture.

pastry cream :

– 500 ml milk
– 125 g sugar
– 1 egg
– 3 tbs cornstarch
– 1 tbs sweet cream butter

Whisk together the sugar and egg until the yellow color whitens. Add the cornstarch and whisk together. You should have a smooth cream.

Bring the milk to a boil.  Remove from the heat and pour a few splashes into the sugar, egg, cornstarch mixture. Quickly whisk until smooth.  Pour into the milk and put back over the heat, stirring with a whisk for a few minutes until thick and bubbling. Quickly remove from heat and transfer to a large bowl to cool, or pour directly into your pre-cooked shortcrust.

finish :

Skin and thinly slice the kiwi. Place them overlapping each other on your tart.

*To give your tart a more finished look and help the kiwi not to dry out as quickly, heat some white grape jelly or a similar light-colored jelly in a saucepan until it melts. You can add a few drops of water to thin it out a little.  Using a pastry brush, cover the kiwi slices with a thin coat.




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  2. OMG..even though you post rarely..when you’s such a treat and a feast for the eyes! How can one not love shortbread, pastry cream and kiwi? Beautiful photo too!

    • I hope to post more often now that I have internet… and as soon as good things start coming out of my kitchen. Whenever I look at Parsley, Sage, and Line Drivers, I think… mmm, I’d like to be having dinner at her house tonight! Your porkchilladas look awesome! And your pièce montée in the form of a vase- very nice. What a great idea!

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