Easy to make chocolate whipped-cream tartlets are quickly gobbled up

Jet-lagged and worn out from a summer of planes, trains, and automobiles, there was one thing on my mind the other day… le chocolat. Sweet and dark.  Chocolate whipped-cream (chantilly) is one of the most simple desserts to make, and finishes much like a chocolate mousse. You can use it simply to decorate or cover a cake, or you can do as I did: pipe little rosaces onto pre-cooked sugar pastry shells, take a picture, and gobble them up!

Recipe for chocolate whipped-cream (chantilly):

cold heavy whipping cream
your favorite best-quality chocolate (I used dark chocolate at 70%)

Refrigerate a glass or metal mixing bowl.

Melt the chocolate over a double boiler until just melted. Allow to cool a little.

Using an electric beater, whip the cream to medium peaks. It is important not to over-whip the cream, or you will end up with butter.

Pour the melted chocolate into the whipped cream, mixing quickly. Use as you wish and keep refrigerated.

Yum! Yum!


One comment

  1. May be lazy, but they look good!!!

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