Le chat charmant of Château Mesnil Geoffroy

In need from a break from thinking about food, I will share a little flânerie in Normandy last spring.  Our first voyage sent us to the Château Mesnil Geoffroy, where a large rose garden is cultivated. It was too early to see roses, but we enjoyed rose powder in the bath and rose petal jelly at breakfast.


Le Château du Mesnil Geoffroy

We discovered a fabulous wine, a Pouilly Fumé in the Restaurant du Port at Saint-Valerie-en-Caux. Wonderful with seafood. The cuisine was delicious as well.


A few weeks later we returned to Normandy to stay at a friend’s place. Bastien woke up each morning and jogged to town to buy a few baguettes and fresh fruit for breakfast, so I woke up with fresh strawberries under my nose and went downstairs to the scene below.  If I could only wake up like this every morning!

Breakfast in Normandy

I didn’t know much about cows before this year. It turns out that they are very curious creatures. The yard was full of the neighbor’s cows. At night when we lit the BBQ, they were attracted by the smoke. One even tried to jump the fence around the patio when no one was watching. But cows are also very easily frightened, and as soon as I saw him, he jumped down and quickly backed up.  How funny to see a creature so large be so frightened of such small creatures like us!


A few cows pose with Bastien for a photo

The cow’s curiosity didn’t stop at the BBQ. Our little car parked in their field posed quite a distraction as well. They licked it from top to bottom, breaking the rear view mirrors in the process. It was quite a sight! We could only laugh about it as we were much to frightened to chase them off.


Don’t leave your car in a field of cows

Normandy is famous for some cheeses, milk, apples, cider, and calvados. We made sure to return home with a little of everything.velos-en-normandie

A group of bicyclers pause for a break next to a café where we enjoy a local cider

On a side note, I’m enjoying the music from the group “General Elektriks” since yesterday. Fun music.



  1. Normandy looks awesome!! What gorgeous pictures.

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