smoked-salmon-sandwichSimple and chic, smoked salmon sandwiches make a great lunch

A sandwich might seem a little boring, but it is so easy to spice up! Here are a few tips:

-Use whole grain bread, it has more flavor than white bread (not to mention more nutrients)

-Make a triple layered sandwich by slicing the bread a little bit thinner than usual (if you have trouble slicing your bread thinly, try freezing it for 30 minutes, then slicing. The result is cleanly sliced bread. (Avoid this method if your bread has a nice crunchy crust and you want it to stay crunchy.)

-Add raw vegetables either very thinly sliced or grated. Beets, turnips, radish, carrots, celery root… be creative!

-If in season, don’t hesitate to throw in a few fresh herbs. If not in season, try mixing a few dried herbs or spices, like basil or ground coriander, chopped dill or anise with sour cream or crème fraîche, salt and pepper, mustard, etc…

-Use the freshest and best ingredients you can find



  1. about a luxurious sandwich – LOVE smoked salmon, and the simple way you put it together is ideal! Great photo too.

    With that said, I think your blog is lovely and have been a silent admirer for a while now. I passed an award to you. You can get it here

  2. ah, oh, by crinkle I’m salivating…

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