A new trend has found its way into my cooking. I’m going back to my roots… I crave American food! I want corn-on-the-cob, chocolate chip cookies, bbq sauce… I dream of a delicious thick steak hot off the barbeque, dark chocolate brownies full of pecans… ah pecans, what I wouldn’t give to find some somewhere under the milk soaked sky of the north of France. On corn, I just discovered that the farmers around here grow it to feed to their animals and I’m lucky enough to have a husband not afraid to “harvest” 2 or 3 ears for yours truly when he passes by the fields. But I digress…

A few weeks ago, I wanted caramel popcorn. A fond childhood memory began to play in my head: my mom and I rolling balls of popcorn with caramel on a cookie sheet at Christmas time. Sweet, salty, crisp caramel with the crunch of popcorn and grilled nuts that melt on your tongue.

One problem came up: the recipes for caramel popcorn all have corn syrup, a product that I haven’t found in France. From what I have read, corn syrup in caramel serves as a time-giver. Caramel hardens quickly, giving one little time to roll it with popcorn after pouring. Corn syrup makes the caramel harden at a slower pace. I decided to go for it with just some good old plain sugar in a copper casserole. The results were good, but making neat balls was impossible as the caramel was hard within seconds of pouring. What would have been balls were instead clusters… but delicious clusters.

If you have a yummy recipe for caramel popcorn, please post it here! Though we devoured the popcorn like two animals, I’m still looking to improve the recipe.


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